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Hans Mielants
Group SASL Very impressive concept
Robert Delwood's ASL page with SALSA
Group SASL Campaigns
SS-PzGrenadierdivision "Totenkopf"
Battle of Kursk campaign July-September 1943
ASL Command Rules : Give orders to your units.
ASL Command Rules' Blank Ordersheet : to note your orders
ASL in TCS : Rules to play The Gamers Tactical Combat Series with ASL rules
ASL in TCS AP to Kill Table : Additonal table to replace C7.31
Ranger GSASL page
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Bloody Reef Tarawa.  November 1943
SASL Missions
1st Ranger Battalion
Sicily and Italy campaign
August to December 1943
Operation Veritable. 
Riley's Road.  February 1945
Onslaught to Orsha.
Operation Bagration. June 1944
2nd Ranger Battalion
Anzio campaign
January to March 1944
1st Ranger Battalion
Italy campaign
January to February 1944
SASL Mission A2
Take out the Railroad gun
SASL Mission A1
SASL Mission A3
Infiltration 1 :
Behind the Enemy Lines
SASL Mission A4
Infiltration 2 :
Smashing the Enemy Lines
SASL Mission A5
Lash Out
SASL Mission A6
Crush On You
OBA Battery Access by decimal dice : Tired of using the black and red shits ?  Then try this table
2nd Ranger Battalion
Normandy campaign
June to August 1944
2nd Ranger Battalion
Brittany campaign
August to September 1944
2nd Ranger Battalion
Belgium campaign
October to November 1944
Joergen Holmquist's GSASL Blog Fog of War
2nd Ranger Battalion
Huertgen Forest campaign
November to January 1945
2nd Ranger Battalion
Ruhr  campaign
February 1945-April 1945
1st Romanian Armored Division vs 176th Russian Rifle Division
Bessarabia campaign
July 1941
Solitaire ASL
Solitaire ASL allows players to play ASL against a an unknown Enemy governed by a set of rules and tables. The main difference with Face to Face ASL is that you do not know the Enemy forces up front.  You might have some indications on the number and somtimes even type, but you will only see the Enemy when he's in front of you.  Then you will not know the imediate actions he will take making SASL a rather different experience than FtF ASL.
Avalon Hill and then MMP have made 21 Official Missions and some more have appeared in the ASL Journal.  Here you will find additional Infantry company SASL Missions.